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Please join us

Email Kandos Museum info@kandosmuseum.org.au or phone 02 6379 4600 if you would like to volunteer an hour or a day to help the museum. Kandos Museum is a volunteer-run incorporated association. https://www.kandosmuseum.org.au/organisation/

Volunteers run the front desk, answer enquiries, look after visitors and provide impromptu guided tours, manage and care for the collection, care for the building and garden, design and build exhibits, raise funds, liaise with council and the community, promote the museum and take part in regular working bees. If you would like to help please contact us

Managing the collection

The collection management team works at the museum each Thursday from 10am. Volunteer helpers and visitors are welcome. Image: Kandos Museum has been run by volunteers from the local community since it first opened in 1988.

Here long-term volunteer Peg Butler shows the new NSW Governor around. Photo: K Grant.