Dabee Mural work in progress Photo: K Grant

Rylstone rail not just a one-hit-wonder?

Mudgee Guardian 4th March2016: http://www.mudgeeguardian.com.au/story/3767895/rylstone-rail-not-just-a-one-hit-wonder/?cs=1485#slide=1

The Rylstone Rambler – Show Special 27th February 2016

The tea towels that speak of a country town’s changing face and grassroots community development

ABC News 29th February 2016: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-29/kandos-tea-towels-speak-of-a-country-towns-changing-face/7196320

The Rambler Just Keeps Ramblin’ Along

Lithgow Mercury 27th February 2016: http://www.lithgowmercury.com.au/story/3754461/the-rambler-just-keeps-ramblin-along/

Rylstone line to re-open for show train


Mudgee Guardian 18th January 2016:  http://www.mudgeeguardian.com.au/story/3669045/rylstone-line-to-re-open-for-show-train/ 

Cement works ambulance unveiled at museum

Mudgee Guardian, 23 September 2015: http://www.mudgeeguardian.com.au/story/3371695/cement-works-ambulance-unveiled-at-museum/

Kandos Express joins town’s big weekend

Mudgee Guardian, 11 September 2015: http://www.mudgeeguardian.com.au/story/3341459/kandos-express-joins-towns-big-weekend/

MP to help unveil historic ambulance at Kandos Museum

Mudgee Guardian, 9 September 2015: http://www.mudgeeguardian.com.au/story/3337027/mp-to-help-unveil-historic-ambulance-at-kandos-museum/

Take a train ride on the Kandos Express

Mudgee Guardian, 19 August 2015: http://www.mudgeeguardian.com.au/story/3287591/take-a-train-ride-on-the-kandos-express/

Kandos Museum music night could be the first of many

Mudgee Guardian, July 22 2015: http://www.mudgeeguardian.com.au/story/3225998/kandos-museum-music-night-could-be-the-first-of-many/

Music night fundraiser for Kandos Museum

Mudgee Guardian, June 17 2015: http://www.mudgeeguardian.com.au/story/3150666/music-night-fundraiser-for-kandos-museum/

School students intrigued by Kandos Museum display

Mudgee Guardian, June 10 2015: www.mudgeeguardian.com.au/story/3135202/school-students-intrigued-by-kandos-museum-display/

Dabee mural at the museum

Mudgee Guardian, 10 April 2015: Cementa Arts Festival to leave a legacy for Kandos

Ball mill installed in museum grounds

Mudgee Guardian, 11 February 2015: Massive exhibit now firmly in place at Kandos Museum

Kandos Colliery to become part of the museum?

Mudgee Guardian, 8 December 2014: Kandos Colliery could become part of museum

Photographing the collection

Mudgee Guardian, 3 September 2014: Kandos Museum ready for its collection

Cement bag dress

Mudgee Guardian, 30 July 2014: Cement bag dress is one Kandos Museum’s significant items